Benefits of using Telemedicine for Personalized Medicine

Healthcare providers can provide the more personalized medication with the help of digital technologies. According to a report by Beyond Intervention commissioned by Abbott, telemedicine can improve provider, administrator, and patient experience.


The report looked into a study on digital technologies used for patients with CVD (cardiovascular disease). With CVD as one of the leading causes of death, 80% of this death could be prevented with improved healthcare. Adding digital technologies to healthcare practices will allow clinicians to provide more effective medical care by having access to patient data and the ability for video conferences with their patients from the comfort of their homes.


At PK-Plus, we offer digital technology services such as PK+ MyVideoJoin and PK+ OneCare. As mentioned, CVD is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, with digital technology platforms like PK+ OneCare and PK+ MyVideoJoin, it can tremendously help provide more effective care. PK+ OneCare, an integrated platform helps healthcare practitioners to monitor vitals with optional hardware and offers disease-specific education for nine clinical programs for chronic conditions. The OneCare Platform includes comprehensive clinical plans that can be assigned to patients and customized by individual needs to ensure accuracy and track adherence. The patent-pending, intelligent, cloud-based portal evaluates information received from a patient in real-time, and as needed, alerts the patient, family member, and/or designated caregiver with updates pertinent to health data. Professional services include a standard set of reports, full product support, SLAs, and HIPAA business associate agreements.


The PK+ MyVideoJoin platform allows healthcare providers a secure connection to conduct video sessions with patients, set availability, view incoming appointment requests, and confirm appointments. The module includes an audit trail feature for billing purposes, providing the date, time, and transcript for each meeting. Services are available in English and other languages and are adapted for end-users with visual and hearing impairments.


Integrating digital technologies will lead to more personalized medicine, and will allow healthcare practitioners to provide better care to their patients. With the current situation of the global pandemic- COVID-19, using PK+ MyVideoJoin and PK+ OneCare can also be used as a method to provide safer options for patients who don’t feel comfortable coming into the clinic.


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