PK+ Echo™ AI Speech Translation

PK+ Echo enables, in real-time, seamless, medically optimized, speech-to-speech translation for healthcare professionals, regardless of their native language. 

By overcoming language barriers, accessibility and the ability to effectively communicate medical terminology, interprofessional collaboration,  enhanced patient understanding, quality of care and overall experience is significantly improved.

TCE AI Speech - TCE Group

Accessibility: Bridging the gap to limited mobility individuals, expanding reach to remote access areas, and the potential as a vital tool in emergency situations and rescue scenarios.

Adoption in healthcare settings: Our goal is to integrate AI Translation as a standard tool in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and dental practices worldwide, improving communication and patient outcomes across all healthcare disciplines

Key Features:

  • Multi language support
  • Real time medically optimized language translation
  • Dialect differentiation
  • Context preservation
  • Seamless API integration with healthcare systems
  • Increased physician efficiency to reduce workload
  • Meets highest standards for privacy and security