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We specialize in Systems Integration, Healthcare Automation, and Software Applications, all designed to enhance healthcare efficiency and better serve patients worldwide.

We Are The World’s First Online Pharmacy System


TCE Group (Technical Consultants and Experts Group Inc.) was established in 1992 to provide automation and engineering services to factories and processing plants. In 1999, we developed and launched the world’s first online pharmacy system, then further developed a completely integrated mail-order pharmacy system which included healthcare consumerism, integrated order processing and a front-end website ordering interface. This drove development of other systems and products, including our proprietary predictive just-in-time (JIT) inventory system that turned inventory 62 times per year.

In 2005, TCE GROUP developed a pharmaceutical wholesale business based on this JIT inventory concept, demonstrating our expertise in business procedures and practices.

In 2011, the TCE GROUP patented a unique pharmacy kiosk system which integrated prescription ordering platforms (computer-, mobile- and kiosk-based) with back-end community and mail-order pharmacy systems, creating our innovative pharmaceutical delivery system. It was the precursor to our suite of PK+ Telehealth components.

Jumping to 2023, we’ve launched a medical second opinion platform that uses Speech-to-speech translation and AI generation of medical report utilizing IBM Watsox.ai imbedded technology that will save physicians 10-20 minutes per each patient encounter, as a result, patients avoid long wait times to see a doctor in a clinic or hospital.

The integration of our virtual systems and applications with IBM WatsonX allow doctors and patients to cross language barriers. Doctors will also benefit from AI automated medical report generation, resulting in the ability to consult with more patients. 

Further integration of data from patients’ remote monitoring devices into a centralized IBM-based DB2 database. Further analysis is done with IBM Watsonx
for detection and early intervention.  

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Process Re-Engineering with Advanced Problem-Solving


TCE Group provides a pharmacy-centric suite that includes telehealth, audit logs for Medicare, Patient Health Records (PHR), reminders, monitoring, care plans, alerts and caregiver participation. We work with partners such as pharmacists, pharmacies, clinics and others to provide our customers with workflow efficiencies and new revenue streams.

We combine our multiple decades of expertise in healthcare and process re-engineering with advanced problem-solving and the ability to work collaboratively with other departments and vendors to resolve complex issues with innovative solutions.