Automated Patient Communication for Health Practitioners

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, a worthy investment for healthcare organizers is the use of  telemedicine. A study was conducted by SR Health by Solutionreach on patient satisfaction, and it was determined that before the pandemic, 10% of patients said satisfaction was driven by timely provider’s messages. The 10% for satisfaction dropped to 2% since the pandemic.


Automated patient communications are seen to be more effective, patients commented the switch from phone to digital methodologies such as text messages would be much easier as they can be accessed anywhere and at any time, making it a much more convenient approach. Patients also commented text messages are easy to respond to and can generate quick responses and are easily integrated with daily tasks.


Another study conducted showed 63% of patients felt comfortable participating in telehealth appointments and would feel comfortable moving forward with this method. With 73% and 83% of patients expressing their choice for email outreach for appointment scheduling to be more effective.


These findings indicate it is very useful for healthcare organizations to look into different automated communication options, to help provide the best healthcare for patients during and after the pandemic. Here at PK+, we offer services like MyVideoJoin for healthcare applications to allow for easier workflow, convenience and privacy as well as optimized support. More can be found out about PK+ MyVideoJoin by following this link.


Chatbots, like automated technology, are very easy to scale, and can be found to be very useful when the healthcare industry is stretched thin because of COVID-19. We also offer IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules to analyze vitals and health data for care plans and chatbot services for Online Pharmacies. More can be found out by using this link.

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