TCE Group: Pioneering Healthcare and Technology Integration

TCE Group, established in 1992 by a team of experienced professional engineers, initially aimed to provide technical services to advance Egypt’s technological capabilities. However, it quickly diversified into various sectors, including the chemical, nuclear, and petrochemical industries in Canada. While working with the Egyptian government, TCE played a pivotal role in transitioning from diesel to gas-powered buses for improved efficiency. 

Telecare became a significant focus area for TCE, offering telemedicine, virtual visits, and integrating AI into telehealth. Leveraging modern technology, the company delivered exceptional services to its affiliated companies. In 2000, TCE expanded into the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in pharmacy automation and healthcare systems integration.

Recognizing the changing demands of the aging baby boomer population, Amr Bannis, the President of TCE, realized the critical role pharmacies could play in healthcare. Pharmacies are a vital point of interaction for patients, especially those with chronic illnesses, and improving the medication delivery process was crucial.

TCE’s integration of pharmacy applications with secure video contact technology, built on IBM’s HIPAA-compliant platform, was a logical step, especially with the rise of telemedicine. The company launched the ADV-Care Pharmacy mobile app ahead of the market, even offering a white-label product to other pharmacies.

Additionally, TCE developed the MyVideoJoin app, allowing users to book video sessions with healthcare providers. The MyPharmacyApp enables customers to access customized pharmacy services, including prescription management and medical information input. These apps also feature medically optimized speech-to-speech language translation capabilities, overcoming language barriers in medical communication.

TCE’s overarching plan involves integrating various healthcare services into a single application. This unified approach includes virtual medical consultations, communication via specialized wearables, and streamlined processes for hospitalization and insurance claims. Ultimately, TCE aims to optimize patient care, making healthcare more accessible and efficient through technology.

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