We were thrilled to experience unprecedented interest in PK+ Telehealth offerings from the visitors who visited us in our booth at the Canadian pavilion during Arab Health 2023 and the out-reach mission to Saudi Arabia, where many of the visitors even returned two or three times to get in-depth information and answers they need.
The PK+ Telehealth Suite™, an integrated digital application that provide healthcare providers & their patients with advanced, convenient, and secure access to a wide range of telehealth services, as well as virtual pharmacy order processing, tracking and patient remote monitoring using AI technology for early detection and intervention.

– For $0.50 per order transaction, you can afford a PK+ MyPharmacyApp!– Receive Legal prescription (Electronic or Paper) directly to your pharmacy computer.– Promote your services.– Streamline your workflow and reduce your pharmacy operating cost.– Improve your customers’ convenience and waiting time at the store.– Improve your patient care.– Save time to focus on paid cognitive service.– […]

Integrate patients’ services with a unique and innovative approach; offering convenient Services and at-home remote monitoring to reduce the chance of readmission.
Fast in-store/remote ordering (even if you can’t read your prescription). 24 Hours service to shop at your own convenience. Choice of free delivery to your doorstep or pick-up from the store.
- No more waiting for the pharmacy to open for business, nor standing in line once they’re in the store.
The PK+ Telehealth Suite from TCE Group allows our partners to provide their end-users with a wide range of digital healthcare services as well as pharmacy order fulfillment.
An algorithm developed using artificial intelligence could help doctors to diagnose heart attacks in women more accurately and quicker than ever before, according to research we fund and being presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona.
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