Automation of Telehealth

Automation of Telehealth

Health care systems across the world are being overwhelmed in resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuous implementation of remote patient monitoring worldwide is the result of the need to have greater access to health care, improved patient satisfaction, and increased patient engagement. This has added to the use for value-based services of linked health tools like mobile applications and wearable devices. Moreover, artificial intelligence and automation systems are streamlining the workflow and reducing doctors’ burnout in hospitals. The emphasis has always been on improving the quality of life for patients, thus telehealth is such a groundbreaking discovery as it enables physicians to provide timely accurate care and patients to recover rapidly. Telehealth was once considered a futuristic plan but now plays an important role in the healthcare sector since people around the world seek quality, convenience, and comfort.

The PK+ Telehealth SuiteTM offers an array of digital applications that provide advanced, easy, and secure access to a wide range of telehealth services (e.g., pharmaceutical order, handling, and monitoring) for healthcare providers and their patients. The PK+ suite is composed of several solutions (click here to know more), which depending on particular demands, can be bought as fully integrated services or as specific services to be integrated into a health care provider’s system. This suite currently consists of six modules, which include online pharmacy integration, a video chat app with translations, IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, tools for allowing the elderly to stay independent as much as possible, and precursor technology such as a pharmacy kiosk.

According to a study on the use of digital technology for cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients, telemedicine improves the experience of health care providers and patients by preventing CVD-related deaths by 80%. Adding technology to healthcare practices will enable clinicians to provide more efficient healthcare through access to patient data and the ability to have video conferences with patients. The PK+ MyVideoJoin module provides a secure & private connection to patients and health care workers who can supply guidance/health advice through online appointments. To get more information about this module, click here.

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PK+ MyVideoJoin App

You may buy the PK+ MyVideoJoin module independently or incorporate it into the PK+ MyPharmacyApp or the PK+ OneCare platform.

PK+ MyPharmacyApp is an online application for ordering prescription and over-the-counter medicines from the comfort of home. It has a patented authentication system for the pharmacy order and several tools for processing customer requests. PK+ can also provide a pharmacy kiosk which is like an ATM that enables patients to order prescription medicines using an internet-based service kiosk available in various locations. Learn more about the PK+ pharmacy kiosk by clicking here.


PK+ Pharma Kiosk


Chatbots are very simple to scale and bring automation to the application. They are very useful in the current situation of the health industry because of COVID-19. To analyze essential data and data on medical care for online pharmacies, IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules are also available at PK+. Further information can be found via this link. PK+ IBM Watson AI is an optional component for the PK+ OneCare Platform.

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The PK+ OneCare is an integrated platform that supports medical professionals with the monitoring of vitals using optional hardware and also provides disease-specific training for nine clinical programs of prevalent chronic conditions like Depression, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Lower back pain, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Congestive heart failure, and, Coronary artery disease. The OneCare Platform contains extensive clinical plans that can be allocated to patients and personalized to ensure precision and compliance. Learn more about OneCare here.

PK+ aims to bind healthcare and automation together. We are a pioneer developer of innovative digital integrated solutions to meet the requirements of customers in today’s rapidly growing health industry.

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