PK+ MyVideoJoin™

The PK+ MyVideoJoin™ module offers patients a secure connection to a licensed healthcare provider (doctor, nurse, pharmacist or third-party contractor) with a complete set of features.

The module includes an audit trail feature for billing purposes, including a transcript of each meeting. Services are available in multiple languages and adapted for end-users with visual and hearing impairments.
Advantages for end-users include:
  • Security and privacy: This service is fully secure, using point-to-point (P2P) technology, much like a phone call. It is also HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA/GDPR-compliant, meaning the service respects the highest privacy standards in the US, Canada and UK.
  • Convenience and comfort: Patients can access care from the comfort of their own home, with no need to travel for appointments. This is especially vital for patients who deal with physical and mobility limitations, those with time restrictions or those facing cost concerns.
  • Optimized support: The service engages family, caregivers and the patient’s living environment to improve their health outcomes.
  • Easier workflow: PK+ MyVideoJoin™ integrates with healthcare applications. This means end-users have an easier, smoother user experience with automatic data transfer and no need to transition between different systems.

The PK+ MyVideoJoin™ module can be implemented as a standalone component or can be integrated into the PK+ MyPharmacyApp™ or PK+ OneCare™ platforms.

  • Customer Prescription Orders: PK+ MyVideoJoin™ integrates with our MyPharmacyApp™ to securely register new customers and process customers’ new & refill prescription orders. The application collects their medical and personal data and sends the authenticated data directly to your pharmacy system. This results in accurate, efficient and minimal data entry minimizing errors and manual entries.  End-users have an easier, smoother user experience with automatic data transfer and no need to transition between different systems.
Healthcare Provider Interface:
  • Set your availability.
  • Conduct video sessions with patients including language translation options
  • Appointment request notifications and chat window communication
  • Securely review patients’ EHR, Imaging and messages and upload medical consultation report documents
Patient Interface:
  • Browse list of available professionals and availability
  • Request appointment and attach EHR and Imaging documents
  • Chat window communication with professionals and support teams
  • Video session with healthcare professional including language translation options
Upcoming features include:
  • IBM powered automated report filling.
  • IBM powered Real-time conversion of speech to text.
  • Audio, Video, Text Record Keeping
  • Language translation and conversion to English text via AI integration.
    – Speech-to-speech translation
    – Automated audit trail (date and time stamp)
    – Automated text transcription record for Medicare billing
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